From Pawn Shop to Art Hub

The Story Behind

The Hub


Purchased in 1989 by Fred and Mona Pasternack, the 6851 West Colfax building was originally opened as Pasternack’s Pawn Shop. For over 25 dedicated years, the Pasternack’s and their children (Scott, Phyll, and Paul) served the Lakewood community with heart and integrity. The Pawn Shop thrived until 2015 when they successfully merged their West Colfax Avenue business with a Pawn Shop they still own on East Colfax Avenue.

After they packed up shop and closed their doors, the 40 West Art District approached the Pasternack’s with new ideas to utilize the vacated building for the growing arts community. It wasn’t long before those spark of ideas turned into fruition, and soon events like “Free Art Pop-Ups” and parties were taking place. The building became home to The Colfax Museum for a short time, and In 2017 the very first art gallery, NEXT GALLERY, moved in and took residency.

Scott Pasternack caught the creative vision and ran with it! He explains how that was the start of “the never-ending project” of transforming an empty, dusty pawn shop building into an expanding, community-filled Art Hub!

Now affectionately referred to as “The Hub,” you can enjoy a wide array of amazing talents and art pieces from the members of five distinct resident galleries: NEXT, KANON, CORE, EDGE, and FLOURISH.

When you visit The Hub, you’ll observe strategic renovations talking place throughout the building. The ultimate vision is to provide artists from near and far a space to create, opportunity to showcase their talents, an environment to build strong community, and to simply “have fun” through a diverse mix of festivities and events!

The newest attraction is The Elevation Room, a central spot inside The Hub that is available to rent for pop-up art shows and custom-tailored events. But that’s not all! Renovation plans are now underway for The Courtyard at The Hub, which is anticipated to be ready to rock in the Spring of 2020.

There’s so much more to come, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, make plans to drop by, meet the Pasternack’s, and dive into an ever-growing arts community that is flowing with fresh excitement, unique experiences, smiling new friends, and fun shenanigans!

Meet The Pasternack Family 


Back row – left to right: Hunter, Scott, Paul.

Middle row – left to right: Phyll, Logan.

Front row – left to right: Spencer, Mona, Conner, Bubi Libby, Gavin.

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